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Urals Elba 7

The autumn Urals Elba 7 will take place on 18-19 September 2004!

The location of the Urals Elba has changed! The new place is the eastern shore of Lake Kireta located not far from the town of Kasli (Chelyabinsk Region).

The best way to reach the place is to take the turn to Kasli off the "Chelyabinsk - Ekaterinburg" Motorway (the turn is in 107 km from Chelyabinsk and in 98 km from Ekaterinburg). There are a lot of roadside cafes there, which can be a good landmark for you.

In about 20 km you will see the "Kasli" concrete stele on the right side of the road. There will be a barely visible turn to a forest road (track) 80-100 meters after the stele. There is a plate - white letters against the black background - at the turn. Take this road, and you will soon reach Lake Kireta where the Urals Elba will be held. Also you can walk some 40-50 metres back from the "Kasli" stele towards the "weaving section" road sign and from this point go straight through the woods. Going that way you will cross the power line and will reach a waterlogged creek. Having rounded the creek from the left, you'll reach the place. Detailed information will be available on the "Kasli" stele, the plate and the road sign.

Another way to reach the place is to go from Miass, Kashtim. Take the "Miass-Tubuk" Motorway, pass the town of Kasli - and you will see the exit plate with crossed word "KASLI". In 150-200 metres after the bridge there will be the "Kasli" stele on the left side of the road. From now on, follow the instructions given in the first variant.

The Elba place is marked on the map. We will be glad to see friendly and open-minded people!

We advise you to bring a tent, an insulation mat, a sleeping bag, cooking utensils, a hatchet or a saw, food and drinks according to your taste. If you have a CB radio station, you can take it with you (channel C15E, AM).
Interesting stories, merry songs and cheerful mood are of great importance!

You can get detailed information in Chelyabinsk:
Belonogov Dmitry or in Ekaterinburg:
Duke, ICQ # 59344192
Vorchun, tel. 8-922-211-22-59

You can also ask questions in Guest Book of the Uralstranger website.