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Happy Birthday, HIKE.RU!

Dear Friends!

On July 10, 2004 the HIKE.RU web-portal celebrates its third birthday.
We have been working to become the most influential hitchhiking portal of the Russian Internet zone for three years. You check the latest news from the hitchhiking world in our news section. You share your ideas and experiences and also call for advice or help in forums. You take part in contests suggected by our site, thus demonstrating your creative potential. You send us reports and pictures from your trips and look through the ones sent by other travellers. Together with you we have already done a great deal, and you can be sure we will achieve more! A great number of ideas and projects which will be introduced soon are being worked on. Of course, many things go wrong, but we hope that you will help us improve the weak points of today. We are looking forward to your ideas on your vision of our site.

We are making progress. We are improving. We are becoming more mature. Thanks for your support!

We invite you to a gathering in the country to celebrate our Birthday, as the majority of our users voted. The venue is Lake Maloye Perteshno. Where is it? Click "Read more" for details...

Where is that?

The gathering will be opened at 15.00 on July 10, 2004 at Lake Maloye Perteshno. The lake lies in the Tver Region, about 1 kilometre away from the M-10 (E-105) Motorway not far from village Novyi Berezai (inbetween Vypolzovo and Kuzhenkino). A small circle marks the exact venue on the map – we camp on the cape protruding into the lake from the south.

How to get there?

Take the St.Petersburg-Moscow motorway as far as the bridge across the Berezaika River (there is a plate saying “r.Berezaika” there), and the place is about two kilometers away from there – either go straight through the woods, or follow the M-10 Motorway in the direction of Moscow for about 1 kilometre till a dirt road on the left, then turn left and follow this road (don’t forget to take a shortcut through the woods when necessary). If you go from St.Petersburg, the bridge you are to get off at is after you exit the village of Novyi Berezai (about two kilometres further down the road to Moscow); if you go from Moscow, the bridge is about four kilometres after you exit the village of Makarovo.

What shall I take with me?

A complete set of outdoor gear necessary to spend the night in the woods and to cook meals, as well as the foodstuffs. Please, make sure you have tents, warm clothes, sleeping bags and insulation mats with you! Chopping fir-trees for insulation is prohibited!! The organisers of the event will provide the participants with hot tea (with sugar, if applicable) and, possibly, with a campfire awning. We strongly request that you limit yourselves to lemonade, mineral water, tea and cacao instead of bringing alcohol! And make you’re your spirits are up!!

What are we going to do there?

The programme is still under discussion, and it is not too late to send in your ideas!

Besides, I would like to ask everyone who is going to participate to drop me a line at sergey@hike.ru, so that I know approximately how many of you are coming. Thanks for your understanding!

See you on July 10 at Lake Maloye Perteshno!