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Faro, Portugal to Riga, Latvia: Hitchhiking Race

The Faro-Riga hitchhiking race will set off on 14 July 2006 from Faro, Portugal. The final destination point is Riga, Latvia. The participants will be crossing Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

Do you feel like going on the ultimate road trip with a friend, meeting tonnes of new people and having loads of fun? This might be the once in a lifetime opportunity for you to do just that! Make this a summer you'll truly never forget (unlike all those other unforgetable summers you can hardly remember anymore!)

On the 14th July 2006 the worlds most keen hitch-hikers will asemble in Faro, Portugal to take part in the ultimate hitch-hiking race. You too can take part in the race at no cost whatsoever. Our destination: Riga, the capital of Latvia. All you need to take part is a partner and a fully operational thumb. The whole race will take part in EU member state countries. The route you take is entirely up to you, but the recommended route is:

Portugal > Spain > France > Germany > Poland > Lithuania > Latvia

Check the Race's website for more information.