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Elba 26

The 26th Russian Hitchhikers' Festival "Elba 26" will take place next to the village of Izhitsy, near Valdai in the Novgorod Region, on September 25-26, 2004.

The festival is located in the woods, 300-400 meters west of the M10 Moscow – St.Petersburg Motorway (approx. 290 km from St.Petersburg and 410km from Moscow).


If you come from the direction of St.Petersburg and pass Novgorod you'll see the following: there is a Traffic Police Checkpoint at the end of the Novgorod Bypass. In about 40-45 km you will reach the vilage of Kresttsy (there are samovars and pies for sale along the road), in 30 km more you will reach Izhitsy. To reach the campsite turn right from the Izhitsy entrance plate to a dirt road through the woods.

If you come from Moscow (Tver), in Edrovo there will be a Traffic Police Checkpoint. In about 20-22 km you will reach Valday, in 20 km more – Yazhelbitsy and in 2 km - Izhitsy. To reach the campsite you need to turn left from the Izhitsy exit plate and take a dirt road through the woods.


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