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Belorussian Elba 7

The Belorussian Elba 7 will be held not far from the intersection of the M1 motorway (Moscow - Brest) and the E95 motorway (St.Petersburg - Odessa) on 16-17 October 2004 near the town of Orsha.

How to get there by hitchhiking? (landmarks for a hitchhiker)

Eastern variant: going from the Moscow direction along the M1 motorway you'll cross the border, pass the E95 motorway junction (it's 505 km away from Moscow). If your driver turns you need to get off at the crossroads. If the car goes to Minsk you are to pass the crossroads, the Orshitsa bridge and go out at the "573" distance mark (this is the distance to Brest) that is just after the bridge. Cross the bridge and go along the glade about 700 metres, turn left and you'll see people sitting near a campfire.

Western variant: watch the distance marks! You'll pass Yurtsevo, then Obuhovo and be ready to go out at the "573" distance mark before the Orshitsa bridge. Then follow the instructions given in the first variant (it is 220 km to Minsk and 573 km to Brest from there).

Northern variant: go along the Vitebsk bypass, then after another 70 km there will be a junction with the M1 motorway where you need to go out and go as described above.

Southern variant: go along the Orsha bypass, then 15 km more up to the M1 motorway and again follow the instructions given in the first variant.

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Source: Team “Sky Division”